Provincial Offences includes offences under Provincial Offences Act, Highway Traffic Act, Municipal code etc. Some of the offences include Speeding, Disobey Sign, Trespass to property, Illegal basements units, excessive noise etc.

Municipalities administer courts are where most provincial offence cases are tried and that is where most of these cases are prosecuted. Most of the minor offences are charged under Part I and II of the Provincial Offences Act, in this case you basically get Ticket or Offence Notice, whereas serious offences are charged under Part III of Provincial Offences, where a person is served with Summons.

It is important to consider factors like:

  • The nature of charge you are facing,
  • the complexity of the case,
  • your understanding of the legal process and the issues, and
  • the risk of a substantial fine, jail time or other penalty that would have significant personal impact (for example, driving demerit points, driver’s licence suspension).

You may not know the implications of the offence you are charged with. We can help you understand the above factors and seriousness of your case.

Let us help you fight these offences!!

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